The essentials for organizing your teamwork.

Bloomup brings together in a single space the essentials to organize your tasks, knowledge and processes. No need for more, no need for less.
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Everything you need to meet your deadlines and achieve your goals

Your projects and knowledge in one place
No more toggling back and forth between documents, conversations, personal notes and applications. Bloomup brings all your activities together in one place. A single interface for a focused and productive team.
Organise according to your needs
Structure and grow your projects as you wish. A simple and efficient interface to organise your tasks and notes, in list, kanban or calendar view. And that's it, now stay focused.
The right information at the right time
Too much information in your threads? You're missing what's important and you're distracted by everything else. Focus on the essentials for remote collaboration: customisable comments and notifications.
Everyone knows what they have to do at all times
Thanks to their to-do list, everyone knows what they have to do. Your Trello-enthusiast communication team or your Excel-savvy operations manager will finally be working on the same information.
Save time at each new project
To make sure you don't forget anything and make the teams autonomous, create processes. Be always more productive and convert your recurring projects into a custom template.
Like them, improve your productivity
They love working with Bloomup
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"Microsoft Teams cannot handle my projects on its own and Bloomup just happens to complement it perfectly!"
Marketing Manager
"Who still uses Excel to manage their projects? Thanks to Bloomup we've become more efficient on a daily!"
Project Manager
"What a time saver; at each new project launch thanks to the 100% customisable templates!"
"I'm now managing my innovation projects portfolio with Bloomup and it's never been easier!"
Innovation Manager

Bloomup meets all your requirements

Integration of your tools
Connect all your favorite tools to Bloomup and save time on a daily basis.
A 100% French solution
At any time, our team is available to help you.
Got a question? Do not hesitate to reach out.
Security and confidentiality
The security of your data is our priority. All your data is hosted in France.
Any questions?
Do you have any questions? Here are some answers. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.
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How is Bloomup different?

We wanted to find the right balance between functionality and ease of use.

We believe that tools that are too complex, although very complete, are complicated to handle and therefore are not used... Conversely, tools that are too simple don't allow you to have an overview of your activities.

That's why we have developed an efficient solution with a quick pick up that allows you to easily embark your entire team, even remotely. This is key to more collaboration.

How does pricing work?

A flat rate regardless of the number of users, projects or features.

Take advantage of our introductory offer with a preferential rate. Simply register by clicking here.

Do you have a mobile version?

The mobile version is coming soon!

Other features will also be added in the coming weeks: calendar view, mentions, integrations, etc. All these to continue to please you while keeping it simple.

Can students get a discount?

Yes, and it's even free! Send us a message to take advantage of the offer.

Fed up with tools that are too complicated? too flexible? too limited?