The best alternative to Trello

If your team is growing, it's likely that Trello is no longer enough for you. Take it to the next level.
Bloomup brings together the essentials for a better organised and more productive team: organise your tasks, knowledge and processes, all in one place.
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Tools like Trello are limited
Trello is based solely on a Kanban view of a project. This can limit your team when you have more than one project to manage and there are more than 2 of you using it. Bloomup allows you to have a better visibility and a more efficient management of your activities.
Overview of all projects
Table of projects with indicators monitoring
Visualisation of your projects and tasks
List, Kanban board, calendar
Kanban board only
Process management and automation
To-do list
Project structuration levels
4 levels: group, column, label, checklist
3 levels: column, label, checklist
Feedback and comments on tasks
Knowledge Management
Unlimited users
They left Trello
Bloomup took care of transferring our projects that were previously on Trello. We've all gained 1 hour a day, we now open our task board in the morning and we know exactly what we have to do.
Susanna, chose Bloomup for more efficiency.
Our team used to be on Trello, but I couldn't get the "Big Picture" on our different projects: marketing, product, commercial, it's now possible for us with Bloomup.
David, uses Bloomup to get a general overview.
You deserve better than Trello to gain visibility and efficiency
Bloomup is, a combination of the essential features, while remaining very easy-to-use for your teams.
Better visibility
Bloomup allows you to have an overview of all your projects and follow their progress at a glance. No more juggling between boards to find out what's going on. Within a project, opt for a clearer and more structured interface.
A more efficient team
Everyone knows what they have to do at any given moment. You no longer need to wander through the columns looking for your tasks. With the help of a to-do list, you can clearly visualise what you have to do so that you don’t forget anything. Comments and notifications ensure a more efficient collaboration.
Gain in productivity
To be more productive, not forget a thing and make teams autonomous: create processes. Whether it's for marketing campaigns or a new joiner onboarding, convert your recurring projects into customised templates with Bloomup.

Trello is not enough for you anymore?

We take care of transferring your Trello projects to Bloomup, you just have to ask.