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Your team is growing, you need to go fast and to the essentials to structure it? Then Monday offers too much flexibility. You will lose precious time in setting up and adopting the teams. Bloomup brings together the essentials for a better organized and more productive team: organize your tasks, knowledge and processes from one place.
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Tools like are complicated
Monday is ideal when several teams are working simultaneously on several complex projects. However, if you have a small team, this software might be a little too flexible with too many features. It will take a long time to set up, learn and get users up and running.
Overview of all projects
Table of projects with monitoring of indicators
Quick start
To-do list
Post-it note table
Levels of project structuring
4 levels: group, column, label, checklist
3 levels: column, label, checklist
Knowledge Management
Unlimited users
They left
We work with many external partners. On Monday, we spent our time managing the subscriptions with the comings and goings of users. With Bloomup, everything is clearer, only one price, no matter the number of users.
Christophe uses Bloomup with his partners
We opted for Monday because of its many features. But we quickly realized that we weren't using most of them and that, on the contrary, it was making it harder to use. So we decided to switch to a simpler solution that was better suited to our needs.
Carlos turned to Bloomup for his teams
You deserve better than to gain visibility and efficiency
Bloomup, it's the essential functionalities, while remaining very easy to use for your teams.
Better visibility
Bloomup allows you to have an overview of all your current projects and follow their progress at a glance. No more juggling between boards to find out what's going on. Within a project, opt for a clearer and better structured interface.
A more efficient team
Everyone knows what they have to do at any given moment. No more wandering through the different columns looking for your tasks or those of the team. Thanks to the task list, visualize clearly what you have to do so you don't forget anything. Plus, comments and notifications ensure more efficient collaboration.
The right information at the right time
Too much information in your threads? You're missing what's important and you're distracted by everything else. Focus on the essentials for remote collaboration: customisable comments and notifications.

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