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Client Mission
R&D Tax Credit support
Administrative management
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Follow all your projects at a glance
Manage all your team and client projects in a single interface, with tailor-made indicators (budget, priority, progress, key dates, etc.). You can follow the progress of your projects at any time.
Collaborate with your clients on one shared workspace
The same workspace, shared with your client, for each of your missions. From framing to delivery, centralise the information at each stage for optimal follow-up.
Save time at each new mission
Build on Bloomup your coaching missions, your trainings, your processes and save them in the template library. You can reuse them in one click for each of your new missions.
Work and progress with your clients in real time
For each step, add everything you need in a few seconds: notes, documents, a checklist, a discussion thread, a post-it board, etc. All these, in real time, with your team and clients.
Never start from scratch again
Discover our library of built-in templates for your most common projects and processes, and customise them to meet your own needs.
Sales Process
Manage your leads and customers pipeline
Administrative Management
Manage the entire administrative part of the company
Creativity Session
Organise and lead a creativity session
R&D Tax Credit
Managing and reporting for R&D Tax Credit
Design Thinking
Train your customers to design thinking
Create your own
Create your templates and reuse them in one click
They remain focused on their activity
I build my accompaniment in a few clicks thanks to Bloomup's very simple interface. Then I save it in my library to be able to reuse it and adapt it to each new mission.
Murielle, who supports her clients in financing innovation through Bloomup.
Very handy when working with different clients and partners. I can both follow my missions and also manage the activity internally.
Benoit, who runs his practice with Bloomup.
Got a question?
Here are some answers. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.
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Is it possible to group my team projects and my customer projects on the same space?

Yes. The project board will allow you to list and sort your different projects. Then for each project, you just have to define your "team". That is to say the members who can work with you on the project, whether they are your colleagues or your customers.

If I invite my clients to my space do I pay for them?

Unlike many tools, we don't work on a per license basis. Our "Company" price list allows you to invite as many people as you want to your space (customers, partners, employees...).
Consult our offers right here.

How can my clients access my projects?

It's very simple, you can send them an invitation by email directly from your space. They then simply create their account from this email. No installation is necessary because it is an online tool. Moreover, the tool is very easy to use and does not require any training.

Can I create my own templates?

Yes, you can create your own templates to automate your processes or choose from our library of templates.

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