Security policy and data confidentiality

Security and confidentiality
The entire Bloomup team, and especially the technical team, attaches great importance to the security and confidentiality of its customers' and users' data. This data includes any information, including any personal information, which could transit, be processed or be stored by Innovative Community services. This data may be transmitted by or on behalf of Innovative Community's clients or users, as well as by or on behalf of their clients or end users.
Who does the data belong to?
The customer remains the owner of all data transmitted or exposed by him (APIs, exports, etc.) to Innovative Community, whether they transit, are processed or are stored by Innovative Community's services.
Where is the data stored?
Innovative Community uses exclusively data centers in France, in Paris to be exact. Source
Is there a limited data retention period?
The data is retained until the request for deletion is made by the author of the data or the customer. We back up our databases on a daily basis and we have a history of 4 backups over the last 4 days. The data is therefore definitively deleted from our servers 4 days after the deletion request.
Is it possible that the data will leave the European Union?
Innovative Community uses exclusively data centers in France. Therefore, none of your data leaves the European Union.
Does the data transit to third parties?
We do not use third party services that handle data outside of France.
How does Innovative Community use this data?
Innovative Community uses the data for the proper functioning of its services. Certain data sets may also allow Innovative Community to improve the performance and quality of its services.

In addition, Innovative Community uses certain data to build and improve its artificial intelligence services.

Innovative Community ensures data impermeability, security and confidentiality at all times.
Can I access, modify or delete my data?
Innovative Community guarantees for all its customers and users the possibility to access, modify or delete their data. A request should be made by email to or directly to your Innovative Community project manager. These data will be made available in a digital format and easily exploitable with regard to the state of the art. Innovative Community will respond by the same means to any request for data portability.
What are the procedures in the event of a data incident?
Any incident likely to have compromised the integrity of the data of the customers or the users of the product of Innovative Community will be the subject of a specific communication to all the customers and users. Moreover, in the event of violation of personal data, a specific declaration will be carried out near the CNIL.
Compliance with the GDPR
Compliance with the new requirements of the GDPR is paramount to Innovative Community. Our team is working to review our processes and data processing. We invest daily in our security infrastructure and place security and privacy at the heart of our products and developments.
If you have any questions regarding security or privacy issues, please contact us at or directly with your Innovative Community project manager.
List of subcontractors
Company Country Type
Amazon Web Services Data storage & servers clusters provider France
Amazon Web Services Other services & APIs France

For any additional request, please contact or directly your Bloomup referrer.