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Organise your tasks, knowledge and processes from one place. Make your team grow, Bloomup scales with you.
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Team Tasks
Marketing Campaign
Product Roadmap
OKRs Monitoring
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The essentials for organising your teamwork
Manage your activities on one single space. A simple and efficient interface to manage your team work in list or kanban board. No need for more, stay focused!
Everyone knows what they have to do at all times
Thanks to the to-do list, you won't forget a thing. You have an idea? A call? Some note to take? Add a task directly. To get things done, it needs to be clear.
Save time by creating processes
To be more productive, not forget a thing and make teams autonomous: create your own processes. Whether it's for marketing campaigns or a new joiner on-boarding, convert your recurring projects into customised templates with Bloomup.
All your knowledge at hand
Centralise your company's knowledge and files in Bloomup. Make them accessible to all in one search.
Don't start from scratch ever again
Discover our range of built-in templates for your projects, processes and knowledge. Customise them according to your own needs.
OKRs Monitoring
Follow the company's objectives
Product Roadmap
Organise the development of your product
Marketing Campaign
Launch and organise your campaigns
Daily Team Tasks
Manage and organise all team tasks
Knowledgebase Library
Centralise your knowledge
Create your own
Create your templates and reuse them in one click
They remain focused on their activity
After testing dozens of different tools, we finally managed to organise ourselves efficiently thanks to Bloomup. No frills, everything has a purpose in this tool and that's what convinced us. We love it!
Alexis, chose Bloomup to organize teamwork simply.
Our team used to be on Trello, but I couldn't get the "Big Picture" on our different projects: marketing, product, commercial. It's now possible for us thanks to Bloomup. On top of that, we all managed to save 1 hour a day - we open our task board in the morning and we go straight to the point.
Élodie, uses Bloomup to have a global vision and gain in productivity.
Got a question?
Here are some answers. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.
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Are you connected with other applications?

We will open our API shortly. This will allow to connect Bloomup with many other applications via Zapier or directly with popular applications like Slack. This will allow you to go even further in the automation of your processes and gain even more productivity! You can read about all the upcoming new features on our public Roadmap.

Is there a Kanban view?

Yes indeed. You can choose between the list view and the kanban view for each of your projects and change that at any time as many times as you like.

Can I create my own templates?

Yes, you can create your own templates to automate your processes. You can also choose from our template library. We'll share with you our recruitment processes, marketing campaign launch, and everything else that turns into a process at Bloomup 💪.

My number of users is variable, how will the price evolve?

Our pricing offers you an unlimited subscription at 79€ per month. You will be able to work on Bloomup with as many users as you want.

The essentials for organising, planning and scaling!